Project partners

The startup company Skira is the digital trading platform for grain and Sweden's fastest growing company in the agricultural sector. With the vision of an optimal, sustainable and traceable trade of large drivers Skira the transition to a more sustainable primary production where sustainable farmers benefit and data is made available to the right stakeholders in the food chain.

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Ängöl is a brewery in Kalmar with three people in the workforce who started the business in 2010. They brew beer of all types, from light lager to sour beer with fruit or dark strong stout aged in oak barrels. The market is mostly regional, but all strong beers can be ordered from any Systembolag. Sometimes it happens that some temporary news is distributed nationally to most Systembolaget in the country.

FoodChain By BlockChain

Foodchain by Blockchain (FCB) is one of the first players in the world to use blockchain to document processes at farm level. It enables a completely new degree of communication of added value between farmers, breeders and consumers. FCB is a neutral party and all players own their own data. FCB's goal is to establish the blockchain as an opportunity for food producers, farmers and processors, to achieve transparency, full traceability and increased opportunities to convey added value to the end consumer.


Korngården offers a completely unique, Swedish-grown, organically certified and locally produced hops. We grow two varieties on a larger scale, Magnum which is a bitter hop and Saphir which is an aroma hop.

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 IBM Food Trust is a blockchain-based solution for the food industry. The solution enables participating parties in the chain of liver contractors, distributors, processors and traders to view, manage and share data in a secure and transparent way. The decentralized platform benefits each party by optimizing the supply processes, increasing the freshness of the product, improving food safety, minimizing waste and costs, and providing reliable information on origin. The solution provides security and scalability by running on IBM's Blockchain platform hosted on IBM Cloud.


Brewmaster Sweden is a malt house located in Hovmantorp, 30 km east of Växjö. Production is sustainable and circular and all raw materials purchased are traceable down to farm level. The end products consist of base malt, special malt and dextrin which are sold on to breweries, distilleries, bakeries and food producers.

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Ullälva Gård

At Ullälva farm, agriculture has been practiced for over a hundred years. In addition to barley, wheat, oats and beans are grown. The farm has been KRAV-certified since 1992 and the land has been used for several generations. Ullälva is located outside Linköping. The farm has been owned by the family for seven generations and is now run by Wilhelm Aschan.